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To get started you'll need to buy a flood sensor kit, a subscription and be near a LoRaWAN gateway. Alternatively you can engage Flood Network to project manage the installation.


Flood Network Installation

If you need to cover an area with multiple sensors, installing a Flood Network system will let you gather data from kilometres.

Sensors over the watercourses can help with deploying staff, alerting asset owners near the water, engaging the public, monitoring the success of natural flood management, etc.

Photo courtesy Sydney Simpson

Photo courtesy Sydney Simpson

Flood Network Alerts

A sensor with a subscription can alert you

It can also provide 

* requires a paid subscription at £17.50/month per sensor.

Flood Network DAta products

We're developing tools to analyse the data collected by our customers to make communities more resilient and help flood modellers get results.

  • Catchment ready exports and calibration data 
  • 1D Flood modelling integration
  • Long-section views

If you'd like to know more about these features please get in touch.


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