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To get started you'll need to buy a flood sensor kit, a subscription and be near a LoRaWAN gateway. Alternatively you can engage Flood Network to project manage the installation.



Flood sensors cost £350 each and require a subscription per sensor of £17.50/month.

If the sensors are not in range of a partner LoRaWAN network we can provide gateways to connect the devices. Prices for gateways vary from £400-£1600 depending on factors such as indoor or outdoor mounting, antennas.

We can also provide a gateway management service and sensor maintenance options.

Contact to talk about this and other services.



Flood Network Sensors

Photo courtesy Sydney Simpson

Photo courtesy Sydney Simpson

The sensors are small (approx 10x10x10cm) and powered by battery. They report every 15 minutes to the Flood Network application server which provides analysis, storage and lets you publish the data to the public Flood Map and also to third party services.

A typical installation would be around 3 metres above the water and provide 15 minute updates on the water levels of a brook or stream.

If you need to cover an area with multiple sensors, installing a Flood Network system will let you gather data from sensors a kilometre or more from the gateway.

Flood Network DAta products

We're developing tools to analyse the data collected by our customers to make communities more resilient and help flood modellers get results.

  • Catchment ready exports and calibration data 
  • 1D Flood modelling integration
  • Long-section views

If you'd like to know more about these features please get in touch.


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