How it works



Your data appears on a map and we can alert you when water levels are rising or reach a limit. 

When data reaches Flood Network's system it's recorded in a database. It can even send feeds to other systems.

You can supply data from any source, including existing hydrometry equipment and Environment Agency feeds.


EASilY INSTALL your own monitors

Put the flood monitor on a bracket or overhang above water and it'll measure the distance to the surface. By using a tape measure and simple maths we can determine the depth of the water.

The monitor will give you relative levels and trends, but if you have a datum above sea level Flood Network can give you absolute heights. 


wireless communication to flood network

The flood monitor will wirelessly communicate back to the Flood Network system and start to collect data. We support LoRaWAN low-power wireless technology and our devices are compatible with The Things Network.


If you want to know more download our guide: