Flood Network Map Launches

After many months of experimentation and development we're proud to release the Flood Network map:

It's great to see Oxford on the map, as it's the home of Flood Network and the original project which started this off. We're at the cutting edge of the Internet of Things and flooding and Nominet have done great things to help us make this a reality. If you want to know more about their involvement, have a look at this video and blogpost: http://www.nominet.uk/iot-technology-powers-an-interactive-flood-map-and-sensor-network/

Join Us

We want people to engage with their rivers and improve resilience to flooding. We're doing that by looking for communities and individuals to become Floodwatchers or adopt a Flood Monitor, which is a small device which can be put at the end of a garden or under a bridge or floorboards to measure the water levels. By installing or adopting a Flood Monitor you can contribute to the bigger picture and improve flood risk and forecasting models, and you can also just watch those river levels when you're not nearby.

We Can Help Your Flood Response

Flood Network is working with the public sector to improve street-level observation and alerting during flood events and we're always looking for more enthusiastic innovative local authorities to join our network. 

For more information call us on 07771 537574 or email hello@flood.network

- Ben Ward, Director