What to build at Flood Hack 16

At Flood Network we're creating a network of flood sensors across the UK using Internet of Things technology. It's installed by people like you, by community flood groups and even by local authorities, to give a better picture of flooding. You can see the map we created at https://flood.network/map

This weekend we're coming to the Open Data Institute Floodhack 16 in Leeds, where we'll be demonstrating how it all works. But even when you're passionate about the content looking at data can sometimes be a bit dull. That's why we love to see people use it to make applications. This could be:

  • An application like Fergus' cycle path tracker which shows when a particular cycle path in the Cherwell Valley is likely to flood
  • A way to warn your community to start their flood readiness plans
  • It could even be something for farmers to warn them their livestock is at risk

We can make data available as MQTT or can post to a REST endpoint, so bring your tools and your Edward Tufte books and see what you can create. 

Also joining Floodhack are some ambassadors for The Things Network - a free and open network that enables the Internet of Things. Our new Flood Monitor kits are compatible with this network, so you'll be able to put sensors in a TTN area without putting up a base station. We'll have some sensors to experiment with and we'd love to test our Things Network sensor if anyone has the hardware.

Our Things Network compatible sensor

Our Things Network compatible sensor

Andrew Back (Wuthering Bytes) is one of the team behind ThingsCalderdale. Expect to see more sensors appearing in the Calder Valley soon.  Julian is part of the ThingsMcr team and I will be representing  ThingsOxford, which is now in the works.

Technology aside what we want is for people to understand their role in flooding and how they can be more prepared. To join a flood monitoring network gives the community an awareness of its waterways and it gives us a great use case for the Internet of Things to have a positive impact.

So come along to Floodhack in Leeds and let's build something amazing.