Slowing the Flow in Yorkshire

2017-11-13 13.09.16.jpg

In November we visited Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire to install sensors for a very interesting project sponsored by the Environment Agency. With the National Trust an organisation called Moors for the Future have been working on a series of natural flood management (NFM) interventions aimed at slowing the flow of floodwater at its source.


With the help of local volunteer workgroups making natural flood interventions, such as woody debris dams and small structures in streams, water from the hillsides is delayed as it runs into the streams and rivers below. The impact of this should be seen further down the catchment where communities have seen devastating floods in the past decade. As more water is held back the peaks should reduce, reducing the chance of overtopping and slowing the flow.


To record the affect of these interventions we are monitoring at 7 points on Crimsworth Dean Beck and Hebden Water using our 2nd generation LPWAN monitors. The results can be seen on Things Calderdale's graphs. As we gather more data we can really see how this catchment responds, and develop further visualisations to understand how the area is affected by heavy rainfall.

During the installation we added gateways which provide coverage for Flood Network and The Things Network deep into the valley of Crimsworth Dean Beck where no mobile signal could be received. 

We will return in March for optimisations and a private training workshop, so get in touch if you'd like to know more. In the meantime, if you want to volunteer for a Slow the Flow work party keep an eye on